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CEO Message

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Won, Myung Chul, the president of Woo Sung Industrial Co., Ltd..

We deeply appreciate your visit to our home page and thank you for your interest and support.
Since established in 1984, we have grown to be a specialist manufacturer of rubber seals for automotive and industrial bearings, on the basis of excellent professional manpower and technology.
Having overcome the difficulties we suffered at the early stage of our business, now we have become Korea’s best bearing seal manufacturer, producing various kinds of seals such as ABS magnetic encoder seals, 3G wheel bearing seals, joint bearing seals, roller bearing seals, water pump bearing seals, clutch release bearing [CRB] seals, 7-speed dual clutch transmission [DCT] bearing seals, ball bearing seals, etc.

We have established a unified production system to carry out all manufacturing processes at our own factory from design to tooling (for moulding & stamping), stamping, weighing, mixing, washing, bonding, magnetization and assembly, which enables us to develop bearings necessary for any industrial field. Moreover, all the related key processes are supported with the error-proof system.

Now our seals are applied to the bearings for a lot of world-class motor vehicles and our seal manufacturing technology is also highly recognized.
Together with all our executives and staff members, I promise to reward you with the world’s best seals through our bold investment in endless research and development in order to gain the highest technology and quality competitiveness for the customer’s satisfaction.