Outline of R&D Center

The R&D Centre of WOOSUNG Ind. Co., Ltd.
has been continuously attempting to make light-weight automotive parts, to develop moulding technology suitable for higher precision and
rubber materials with low torque for lower fuel consumption, to upgrade the physical properties of various types of rubber for the higher durability and
quality of products, to improve the technology related to key products like engineering plastic, magnetic rubber, new polymer materials,
new inorganic metal materials, chemistry, etc and to bring them into common use, by means of our own key technology (such as mould designing and
precision stamping and vulcanizing).

We promise to pioneer the future of 100 years through constant R&D activities.

Current R&D Status

NO. Research Carried Out Purpose
Tech. 1 Technology of Mixing Rubber Compounds for Encoder Seals
Rubber Rolling Technology for Encoder Seals
Moulding Technology fot Encoder Seals with Higher Output
  • Optimized mixing of Ferrite & Other Compounds
  • Effective Mixing Process
  • Optimized Amount of Rubber
Tech. 2 Development Technology of Yokes & Collets for Higher Output Characteristics
  • Precision Jigs for Encoder Seals with Higher Performance & Output
Tech. 3 Rubber Magnetizing Technology
  • Technology of Generating Manetism for Higher Performance and Higher & Desired Output

R&D Process

Organization Chart

Test Equipment

NO. Name Sepcification Test
1 Rheometer ODR type Measurement of the Vulcanizing Conditions of FMB Rubber
2 Mooney Viscometer Measurement of the Viscosity of Rubber
3 Low-temperature Tester 180℃ ~ -45℃ Test of the Resistance of Rubber to Low Temperature
4 Ageing Test Oven 0 ~ 400℃ Ageing Test to Check the Compatibility of Rubber and Grease
5 Mud Tester -40~200℃ Durability Test in the Severely Set Muddy Water
6 Torque Tester 2000rpm Measurement of Friction Torque
7 Tensile Strength Tester Measurement of the Tensile Strength of Rubber by Checking the Applied Load and the Changed Shape of a Rubber Specimen after Pulling It
8 3D Microscope Contact & Non-contact types
(Accuracy : 0.001mm)
Precision Analysis & Dimensional Measurement of Materials & Products
9 Densimeter Measurement of the Density of Rubber
10 Automatic Ozone Tester Up to 250 ppm
(Both High & Low Density)
Measurement of the Ozone Resistance of Rubber
Others Zoom Stereo Microscope
Toolmaker’s Microscope
air Press