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Encoder Seals

Magnetic Encoder Seal

As critical parts that belong to the automotive antilock braking system[ABS], encoder seals are applied to the bearings of a driving part of a motor vehicle, sense the rotation of wheels and enable the ABS system to operate by sensing the change of the output signal in case of the rotation of wheels stopping.

Encoder Seal Applications

Advantage of Magnetic Encoder Seals

  • As an encoder is applied to the area of a bearing where a seal used to be assembled in the past, it requires no additional space unlike the previous T/W.
    This improves design freedom during the designation of bearings, hence the incereased life of bearings.
  • Encoders have far higher output characteristics, compared with the previous T/W, and this is why they can accurately sense the speed of vehicles.
  • Working together with active WSS, encoders can sense zero speed and function together with deflation detection systems[DDP], traction control system[TCS] and electronic controlled suspension[ECS] as well as the ABS system without any additional systems by means of the square wave speed signal.
  • Encoder seals are simple in structure, easy to assemble, save aftersales service costs and are effective at cost reduction thanks to their lighter weight in comparison with T/W.

Magnetic Encoder Seal Type

Active type : The frequency of the output signal of the sensor is changed according to the change in the target speed

Isometric view by seal type

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