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Pressed Parts

Pressed Parts

These are metal inserts used in the seals applied to bearings such as TRB, CRB, DCT, DGBB, etc, and the whole process is supported with the MES system,
which provides information necessary to optimize the production process from the work order to the production of finished products and controls all resources.

Steel Cap Type

Application : 3rd Generation Wheel Bearing ( Materials STS304, STS430 )

Flinger Ring Type

Application : Flinger Rings, Cartridge Seal ( Materials STS304, STS430 )

Steel Rings Type

Application : Encoder Seal, Wheel Bearing seal ( Materials : STS430, SPCC )

Steel Ring Type

Application : 7-speed DCT, CRB, Double Seal, Joint Bearing Seal ( Materials : SPCC, Full Hard, S50C )

Washer Type

Application : Water Pump Bearing seal, Universal Joint Bearing Seal ( Materials : SK5, S50C )

Isometric view by seal type

List of Steel Materials